Greetings from sunny Rimini!
Aug. 12, 2017, 6:01 p.m. Category object TeamMember object

Today is right the middle of the EuroPython 2017. This means I can share some of my impressions on this event based on what I’ve already seen.

This conference gathers lots of talented speakers and listeners. As it usually happens, the developers are talking about their work not only at their actual working time. The coffee brakes are for discussing too. E.g. the new language-related features and things like services and hardware.

I can’t stop admiring the conference location – it is really awesome and comfortable! Huge thanks to the organizers. They did their work well.

So what's new we take from conference?

We're really excited about the future of Python language and community. The language core team has a plan to continue adding more and more cool things to standard library.

But what does it mean for our clients? It means their product will be supported for years. Their product will receive all the important security updates the years to come without breaking back compatibility. This is vitally important in view of the latest news about the mass security issues. Some speaker are also talking about the asynchronous programming with Python. I think this is how the future of web development will look like in the nearest years.

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