Is 640k enough for anyone? Part 2
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Let’s continue talking about the optimal PC for developers. You can find the first part here 


Choosing the CPU is not that evident task as it seems to be. Modern processors easily handle the majority of the developers’ everyday tasks. Compiling, virtualization, multitasking – these are the types of processes that comfortably fit even the Intel i3 CPU. That’s why I don’t see any substantial reason to look for more powerful hardware.

Intel i5 level CPU is way more expensive and it provides some advantages to those developers who work with lots of virtual machines due to increasing the number of the physical cores. The powerful CPU heavily accelerates as well as the mobile frontend applications compiling process. But I prefer using a build-server and CI/CD for such purposes.

As a result, we’ve chosen Intel i3 7100 3.9GHz as the main CPU for our computers and ASUS PRIME B250M-C motherboard.



The disc reading/recording has always been the slowest part of any system. Right till the time when SSD made a debut. By installing an SSD even the old PC gets a significant performance boost thus making your work much more comfortable. That’s why fast memory is vitally important. The modern motherboards have an m.2 port allowing the SSD work even faster. It allows the Apple computers to have only 8 GB RAM in a basic configuration. The user can easily expand it by a SWAP partition and therefore get rid of the lack-of-resources headache. Linux and Windows use the same memory expansion functionality. So, 8 GB RAM is quite enough for dealing with the majority of the programmers’ routine tasks. Presuming their system contains a fast SSD. Well, the designers and frontend developers may need more RAM since they work with the ‘heavy’ PSD mock-ups. These are the individual cases though.

It’s quite easy to choose RAM and SSD, so I won’t write too much on our choice.



The last but surely not the least. You can’t imagine a professional developer without such an important peripheral as headphones. Any programmer – a total noob or a Python genius – should have a chance to concentrate on his task while listening to his favorite music. Enter a so called ‘flow condition’. Any slightest noise can literally brake his working mood. Should I tell that offices offer a variety of noises of different origin? Choose a good headphones model – it can save your employees’ nerves and your company budget.

Our choice is Marshall Major.

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