Is 640k enough for anyone? Part 1
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Let’s talk about the optimal PC for developers

Part 1

When it comes to the competent approach to accounting, every company tends to buy the best hardware for developers for the most reasonable price. But is that really possible? Let’s decide together.

I propose to start by answering some simple questions. Is a fast processor vital for everyday working process? Should we try looking for the options to save some bucks on memory? Suppose you’ll get an 8 GB RAM – will it be comfortable to work with? How much does adding the second monitor increase the developer’s productivity? Finally – do headphones with the noise insulation make sense?

To answer these questions we need to look at the basic programmers’ needs. Our company works with Python and JavaScript so my article is based on these and the related technologies. You should keep in mind that Java, C and other programming languages have a little bit different situation.

Input Devices

The programming process is primarily a text work. Hence the main working instrument of a developer is a text editor. Basically, the developers’ day routine is typing the symbols, checking for the mistakes and improving the code. That’s why when trying to improve the dev’s working station first think of the appropriate keyboard and monitor. Well, it’s ok to chose one certain monitor model for all the company employees, but the solution with the input devices is usually individual. The office space though doesn’t evidently suit the expensive gaming variants of computer mouse and keyboard.



You’ve seen perhaps those scenes from the popular movies where the developers work with a PC equipped with two-three-four and even more monitors. This really makes your job easier while requiring some multitasking skills, i.e. the developer doesn’t need to collapse the IDE to read the Slack message. What looks a minor advantage may save much time and nerves considering the job peculiarities. After spending hours on choosing the best option we decided to get Samsung S22E390HSO model.


Next time we’ll talk about the CPU, RAM and SSD, and headphones.

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