Looking back at EuroPython-2017
Aug. 12, 2017, 6:04 p.m. Category object TeamMember object

It’s been a week since we came back from the Python conference in Italy. These were two busy weeks full of new people and places, and a truly exciting experience. I also had a feeling that overwhelmed me the most.

I’d like to start though with a huge thank you to all my colleagues who helped me make this trip successful and interesting. Together we decided of the best destinations and planned the route, you helped me to found the best matches of the possible business meetings. Thanks to your help we managed to appoint a number of meetings with the IT people in Italy and other EU countries. They gave me an invaluable experience enabling better understanding of the Italian doing-business peculiarities.

This is a totally distinctive country with its inimitable way of life so different from that of Sweden, our previous destination. Seeing this made our trip even more valuable – cause what could be better than a chance to go deeper into the understanding of your possible clients’ needs and demands.

However, from a trip to trip I keep thinking about my country and its strong IT branch of economy that we used to undervalue. The outside perspective gives a brighter sight and some sort of a professional pride. In many cases we can and we do better.


So this leads to a conference itself. Apart from listening to the respected speakers I used to catch myself on a thought – my guys are able to make even better reports. Our young team managed to bring up the world class talented developers.

We’ve seen a lot and we heard a lot to be sure – we’re on a right way. The Python is getting even more advanced and is the best fit for the most up-to-date technologies like neural networks.

More trips and a very busy autumn are ahead. But that’s what makes our life interesting.

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