Why And How To Choose Dedicated Development Team

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Updated on September 13, 2021
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A dedicated team is a cooperation model in which a company uses an outsourcing  service contractor to provide a team of developers on an outsourced and longterm basis.


A dedicated team works from the service provider’s office but is essentially a remote-located company department, providing all the experience and knowledge exclusively to the client’s standards, requirements and principles. The dedicated team focuses on the project while the client controls the workflow and requests changes if necessary


This is a good solution with an entirely predictable cost and budget control approach that helps build a web project in the best possible way using a qualified development team. When individual team members have worked with a client for some time, they deeply understand their expectations and can see the goal of success.


A dedicated team is used when the project is long-term; the client wants to set the whole cost but has not yet decided the project details;  the project involves flexible software development; and the client will manage all project processes and control a hired team as an internal asset.


A dedicated team provides motivated team members who know intimately the aims and specifics of the project, and understand their tasks. The team becomes a full part a client company’s workforce, following its corporate culture and working for the company’s benefit. There is easy communication with the company via the most appropriate means. A flexible process of development and testing allows the client to adjust tasks and priorities.


A dedicated team – depending on a project’s complexity – can include a project manager, a team lead, back-end developers, front-end developers, iOS and Android programmers, UI/UX designers, quality assurance testers, marketing staff, system administrator and others.



Benefits of a Dedicated Development Team



CEOs of large corporations are attracted by time-saving IT solutions. An external dedicated team allows company management to delegate to the development partner such operational activities as project and personnel managementThe hiring company does not need to be involved in the specifics of the software development lifecycle because the development framework is well defined and the necessary communicators and task trackers are configured. A good team can add specialists to enable quicker results if the number or size of project tasks increase. 



In a highly competitive environment, the speed of a new product release is critically important for companies. Practice shows that the leaders of the digital race are those companies that use the services of outsourcing developers. IT industry trends change fast. Many businesses have an outsourcing partner ready to promptly provide a specialist or a dedicated project team with the necessary competencies to release the product’s strict deadline despite the lack of internal resources. External resources can often shorten the time-to-market as the software development proceeds much faster.



Project tasks are variable and the capability of in-house programmers may not be enough to implement some of them. The advantages of using an outsourcing company lies in their flexibility and ability to form a project teams to suit the varying project requirements and tasks. Where a business needs urgent project upscaling or team strengthening, outsourcing becomes an invaluable resource. By their very nature, external teams are honed for quick adaptation both to the project itself and to possible changes during implementation. Therefore, having a reliable outsourcing partner guarantees quick availability for external specialists in the project. In an outsourcing company, the external team assumes the risks associated with the replacement of an in-house specialist. The external team provides experts who will deliver a highquality result and make the work on the project as comfortable as possible.



A dedicated team’s skills and expertise are often more extensive than inhouse equivalents because these teams specialise in their field, work on different projects and serve many customers in various industries with diverse tasks. Using a dedicated team removes the HR burden. Recruitment and personnel management are the responsibility of the outsourcing contractor. The company hires a cohesive project team with relevant experience. Outsourced contractors often bring innovative solutions and modern technologies into the customer’s infrastructure.


How to Select a Dedicated Development Team?


Before taking on an outsourced dedicated team, a company needs to conduct due diligence. This will include the need to: 

  • Establish the skill and expertise areas of the outsourcing contractor. 
  • Clarify the roles and levels of potential members of the dedicated team.
  • Consider interviewing relevant members of the team.
  • Review an impersonal resume of the potential team members and a competency map of the team will show whether the team has the desired level of expertise and qualification.
  • Consider other projects and companies supported by the outsourcing contractor and the potential team members.


Partnership with a dedicated development team is one of the most effective tools for optimising a company’s business processes. Such a team can implement current tasks and be a strategic asset for productive business development.


Companies which have long experience of outsourcing services are convinced that interaction with reliable external developers opens up exciting business opportunities. This reduces time and financial costs for operational issues and project management, with easy and quick scaling of teams, the best available market expertise, risk management, and personnel management efficiency. 


Senior management can therefore be confident of a qualitative result. Today the IT service market is mature and allows a company to find a suitable outsourcing contractor and dedicated team with ease.


Go Wombat has been working with the web, mobile development, and UI/UX design for many years. If you are considering a project, please contact us to show you how we can provide a dedicated team to fulfil your project needs.

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Rating — 5
Updated on September 13, 2021
Read — 9 minutes

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