Wombat Team

Meet Our Team

Person Name Vladimir Sokolovsky CEO (Papa Wombat)
Vladimir Sokolovsky CEO (Papa Wombat) Vladimir (Papa Wombat) is the founder and principal of Go Wombat Team as well as the strategy leader on all projects. He's never afraid to bring new crazy ideas to life.
Person Name Vladimir Kostandov Project Manager
Vladimir Kostandov Project Manager Vladimir is a client facing project manager. Some of his skills include keeping super organised, communicating regularly & remaining focused on the end result.
Person Name Andrew Sokolov Python/Django developer
Andrew Sokolov Python/Django developer With strong experience in IT and backend development, Andrew provides the nuts and bolts for all our web applications as well as ensuring that our technologies are all up-to-date and secure.
Person Name Eugene Mutel Python/Django developer
Eugene Mutel Python/Django developer He is working hard.. Eugene(G-Unit) brings a passion and focus for understanding how people think and interact on the Web. We think he has the best smile in central Ukraine.
Person Name Dmitry Sus Python/Django developer
Dmitry Sus Python/Django developer As a former graduate from the University, Dmitry pairs his ability to code beautiful websites with a sharp eye for all things design. He is found in love with oriental kitchen espesially with Falafel.
Person Name Vlad Kachal Python/Django developer
Vlad Kachal Python/Django developer Vlad turns designs into functioning websites and apps. And his philosophy of measure twice, cut once makes him accurate and efficient.
Person Name Sergey Mutel Test developer
Sergey Mutel Test developer Sergey's ability to collaborate with development teams makes him pivotal in expediting the teams’ work flow. His tasks include testing websites and provide complete web-products.
Person Name Sergey Zavizion Python developer
Sergey Zavizion Python developer Formerly a graduate from the University, Sergey provides brilliant technical support to our projects. He’s a meticulous coder who’s all about the details.
Person Name Mykhailo Lisniak Front-End lead
Mykhailo Lisniak Front-End lead MIha is our front end developer, you'll usually find him dabbling with the JavaScript flavour of the week. If he's not making things on the web, he's probably listening some crazy music.
Person Name Denis Demchuk Python Developer
Denis Demchuk Python Developer Python developer with math education. Strong with calculations and optimizations. Denis is attentive to the details.
Person Name Ievgen Gaiduk Python/Django developer
Ievgen Gaiduk Python/Django developer Eugene is Python Ninja. You need to develop MVP very fast – ask Eugene how to get it.
Person Name Dmitriy Yakubovskiy JavaScript developer
Dmitriy Yakubovskiy JavaScript developer Hi
Person Name Andrey Korchak JavaScript Developer
Andrey Korchak JavaScript Developer Andrey knows how to make every web page more attractive. JavaScript is his native language.
Person Name Artem Zabodyn JavaScript developer
Artem Zabodyn JavaScript developer Hi
Person Name Anastasiia Rudenko Python developer
Anastasiia Rudenko Python developer Nastya is a very talented student. She has joined our team recently and always inspires us with cool ideas.
Person Name Mike Ivanov Project Manager
Mike Ivanov Project Manager Hi...
Person Name German Gensetskiy Python developer
German Gensetskiy Python developer German is excellent web developer with strong understanding of Django. He is the leader of our R&D process based on Machine Learning and Computer Vision technologies.
Person Name Nina Nychyk QA Engineer
Nina Nychyk QA Engineer Nina helps us to improve every built page and line of code