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Who we are

With over seven years of software development experience, Go Wombat creates premier custom software and mobile apps.

Our clients come from different industries; Manufacturing & Logistics, Travel & Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Health & Wellness, and Marketing & Advertising. We have vast expertise in these spheres, and we are not afraid to plunge into other industries.

Go Wombat was founded by a small group of friends in a tiny office in Dnipro. Seven years later, we have developed into a company with multiple offices in Europe with around 80 talented developers, some of whom have grown with us and developed their skills from their first working day. We focus on our team and don’t hide our developers from customers. Team spirit is what makes us unique.

  • 7+Years on the market
  • 60+Of succesful projects
  • 4Offices in Europe
  • 80+Employees

Our values

  • A unique approach to each project.
  • Trust and transparency [no chatbots].
  • Face to face meetings with clients.
  • Developers working direct with clients.
  • Business growth through loyal clients.
  • A positive team and family spirit.

Our team

What started with a small group of friends in Dnipro has grown into a team of more than 80 members. Our staff lives in various locations around Ukraine, and most recently in Valencia, Spain. There are also Wombats working in different countries all over the world.

At Go Wombat, we maintain a family-friendly business culture. As a result, we have implemented many activities to support not only our employees but their families. Wombats can take time off or sabbatical leave when unexpected things come up in life. Our corporate lawyer can advise on any personal matters when they appear.

We support each other, and it helps us work better.


Leadership team


Vladimir Sokolovskyi



Volodymyr Kostandov



Mike Ivanov



Ievgen Gaiduk


We are located in

Estonia (Tallin)

Soon after our inception, we established our Headquarters in Talin. Now, due to our expansion, it is mostly used for administration purposes, however, it is still the hub of our enterprise.


Our story started in Dnipro, Ukraine, and still remains the place where our heart is.

Situated in the central part of our country, Dnipro is a large industrial centre. It is however more than just factories and plants - Dnipro has magnificent architecture and an incredible history.

Go Wombat actively supports local projects, including the Dnipro complex of freshwater aquarium and botanical garden. We donate equipment and time to support the aquarium and garden, its activities and initiatives. We believe that our contribution may bring significant change to our city.

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Ivano - Frankivsk

In 2021, our company grew when Go Wombat acquired the company Yellow Leaf Technologies, a talented team of Ukrainian developers in Ivano-Frankivsk. Wombats had already been cooperating with Yellow Leaf for a long time, so the acquisition was a logical step forward for our companies.

This addition strengthened Go Wombat`s ecosystem and expanded our overall productivity.

Now staff from both offices regularly visit each other and work in Ivano-Frankivsk or Dnipro. It makes our bonds more robust and strengthens our team spirit.

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Spain - Valencia

The newest and possibly largest addition to our portfolio of locations is here. Almost half of our family lives and works in Valencia. Here, our engineers cover the whole spectrum of our expertise.

The living and working environments are perfect for cooperation and communications between teams. Some of our newest members of this location are displaced and relocated engineers, with their families, from East Ukraine.

Very soon, our Valencia office will be fully operational and ready to receive visitors.

Meeting wombats

We value face-to-face meetings with our clients and partners. It is essential for us at Go Wombat to understand the peculiarities of the local business culture. We feel that there is no substitute for face-to-face meetings for effective discussion of all the issues and potential ways for development. Seeing the work processes, organisation, and spirit from the inside makes our job more efficient.

We have already visited Denmark, the UK, Amsterdam, and many other places, but this is not the end - there are more countries to visit!

We are always glad to welcome our partners from different countries to any of our locations. Our offices are always open for customers and clients, and we are happy to show our working processes and of course, the place where we were born.

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