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Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Regardless of the size, all enterprises face their own set of challenges from many different aspects of business life, particularly within our fast-paced and ever-adapting threat landscape. From simple local rules and regulations to national laws and even more sophisticated data and cybersecurity threats, protecting your business is becoming more complex, and personal consultation with cybersecurity experts is essential to staying ahead of the game.

Without specific cybersecurity professionals, it can be challenging to identify hidden vulnerabilities. However, at Go Wombat, we can help pinpoint any issues as well as draft your action plan, and choose the best technologies for your environment. This will help ensure the safety of your data and comply with new laws and regulations.

Our cybersecurity experts will work alongside your management to identify potential issues and align policies and practices with business objectives to progress your operational goals.

Go Wombat cybersecurity services are tailored to your specific business needs. We defend against cyberattacks with proactive monitoring and planning. We are focused on providing you with the confidence that comes from knowing your business is secure.

Our cybersecurity consulting services

Data Privacy Awareness & Compliance

We keep up to date with the latest data privacy rules, and make sure you’re compliant in the different regions your business reaches.

GDPR Technical Audit

We carry out thorough audits to confirm that your company meets the technical requirements to conform with the GDPR.

GDPR Policy Development

We work with you to put in place a policy that ensures you comply with the GDPR.

Web app security testing (OWASP)

We rigorously test your web applications to find any potential points of security breach.

Security Awareness Training

Your employees play an integral part in keeping your company cyber-secure. We train them to be aware of threats and how to proceed once they are detected.

Personalised Security Consulting

We provide security consulting customised to your businesses particular needs.

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Benefits of our cybersecurity advisory & consulting services

Long-term risk mitigation

New threats are emerging all the time, and your company needs a way to deal with these, as well as already existing threats in fresh ways. An updated cybersecurity training program will help keep users aware and prepared, thus acting as an important frontline response to threats.

Regular security audits

A regular security audit will help your company find out where it is vulnerable and when it is not compliant with the latest data protection regulations. We test and assess to make sure you have the most comprehensive protection.

Compliance at all levels

Our cybersecurity consulting services keep your company credible and lessen your liability for penalties. There are a variety of data protection laws that apply to different regions, and we can help make sure you’re covered across the board.

Go Wombat CSaaS

Our cybersecurity services provide a continuous and bold barrier of protection.

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The advantages for your organisation

Cybersecurity as a service means outsourced cybersecurity management. With Go Wombat’s cybersecurity services, you don’t have to worry about finding and retaining the staff with the right expertise to manage your cybersecurity. In addition, you not only reduce your own risks, but you also show your partners, your clients, and other important stakeholders that you have taken measures to minimise the risk of their data being compromised.

  • Identify & Analyse

    We perform GAP analysis, gathering as much information as possible about your organisation or web application, and then we structure it according to the severity that it can be exploited.

  • Evaluate & Track & Report

    We carry out web app pen testing with OWASP methodology. We do white box and black box pen testing on web applications.

  • Control & Treat & Monitor

    We help to mitigate risks in your web applications and also provide configuration on security systems. We set logs for your applications and system. As well, we propose designs/architectures that can harden your security.


What are cybersecurity services?

Cybersecurity is the protection against unauthorised or criminal use of electronic data held by a company. Cybersecurity services are the main processes offered by experts and put in place to achieve this security and protect against common cyber threats.

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