How Custom Software Solutions for the Travel and Hospitality Industry Improve Your Business

The hospitality and travel industry has undergone significant changes, and information technologies have played a primary role in this process. 

Many leaders in the travel market industry got an opportunity to improve customer service and boost their business thanks to innovative technology. We’ve witnessed many of these success stories first-hand, which inspired us to write this article. 

In this article, we want to cover more details of custom software development for the travel industry and explain how a custom solution will help your business benefit and grow. 

Our company is an expert in hospitality software development, so we know all the best practices and pitfalls that may come up. 

So let’s get straight to it and jump into the nitty gritty. 

Why should you start with custom software development for your travel/hospitality company? 

The fact is, custom software development is required for your hospitality organisation to digitalise processes, solve individual tasks of users/partners/customers, meet business requirements, and make your business more competitive. 

If you do everything the same way as everyone, use the same tools as your competitors, and maintain all processes on the same level as those leading the charge, you will occupy the market but will just be one among the trend-setters. 

However, the development of custom hospitality and travel software can take your business to the next level and become a launch pad for the digital transformation of your business. This, in turn, can help provide potential and existing customers with brand-new services.

Furthermore, it’s important to consider that newer generations require that everything be online. If your business doesn’t have an online presence, you won’t succeed in attracting these users. 

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Benefits of hospitality software and travel app development 

The Benefits of Custom Software Development for the Travel Industry

The development of online solutions for the travel and hospitality companies is an essential step that pushes forward the entire industry. 

Here are some of the advantages of creating custom solutions in this field. 

Process simplification

The automation of business processes is definitely the first and most obvious benefit.

Custom management solutions streamline the working process, automate daily tasks, and help users deal with your services more efficiently. 


Your travel software will help reduce operational costs by eliminating or minimising manual processes. 

In addition, companies in the travel industry won’t have to perform so many tasks, and this automation will lead to cost efficiency. This results in faster, more efficient processes that save money, and thus, have a bigger revenue margin. 


The development of web applications or mobile applications should be built with scalability in mind so that when users’ needs grow, your software grows as well. 

This provides a major benefit down the line because you won’t need to create a new application, and your existing solution will simply grow along with the demands. 

Time efficiency

Automating a heap of processes and providing users with automated functionality in your software means time saved on your end. 

Of course, it doesn’t mean that your staff should ignore the customer feedback — they should always take into consideration all the demands of users, but the software will be the tool to reduce the time for solving all tasks. 

Better overall performance

The travel and hospitality industry may use custom solutions to increase their business productivity. 

But, again, automation of processes increases the speed of these processes, reducing potential human errors so that staff can work more productively.

Improved brand identity 

Your custom software will also be the right tool to promote your business and build the brand identity to make your business recognisable for customers.

This is a result of branding elements as well as software that’s functional, intuitive, and powerful.

Thus, your business will be able to stand out among competitors. 

Increased security

The hospitality industry implies the processing of vast amounts of sensitive and personal information. This is especially true if your travel company collects information from the European region.

Therefore, the security level is crucial for your custom software. 

Software development companies like Go Wombat pay careful attention to making your software secure and encrypted to protect it from cyberattacks.

So, you can rest assured that your travel software will meet all security requirements while delivering great performance. 

Better customer experience and loyalty

Your travel and hospitality software must be a customer-centric solution. After all, your customer is the primary target you create software for. 

A functional, high-quality application can help your customer loyalty grow and allow you to build trusting relationships with existing customers as well as attract new ones. 

Travel and hospitality software solutions

The Benefits of Custom Software Development for the Travel Industry

Custom software development has even more advantages than the ones we listed above. Some of the biggest breakthroughs are yet to come, which will amplify the benefits of these digital solutions.  

But, what is travel and hospitality software exactly? 

The industry is very vast, and it includes a plethora of services. 

Let’s take a look at a few examples of travel and hospitality software solutions. 

Travel portals

Such portals are an excellent example of software that travel agencies need to have. Travel portals provide travel content mapping, revenue management systems, booking systems, and other services that customers may require. 

This software is appropriate for B2B and B2C travel agencies. 

Online booking software

Booking apps are always popular since they help customers make hotel room reservations, book air tickets, rent a car, and the like. 

Therefore, hotel booking or ticket booking software is necessary for many players in the hospitality industry. 

Travel agent software

This is software used by travel agents and agencies where they can handle relevant operations with users’ accounts, manage and automate sales, coordinate all activities, and communicate with customers. 

Hotel management software

This software is necessary for hotel staff and owners. 

Owners always have access to information about accounting services, budget analytics, and staff productivity. 

At the same time, their team can automate routine tasks with the management software, improve the guest experience and use all the hotel resources efficiently. 

CRM for hotels

CRM, or a customer relationship management system, is an excellent tool for enhancing the communication processes both with customers and internal departments. 

CRM for hotels is required to analyse guest feedback, communicate with guests, store information about them to increase their loyalty, analyse data, create surveys, and so on. 

Thus, the purpose of a CRM system in hotels is to build relationships with customers and use marketing opportunities. 

You can read more about the CRM advantages in our previous article

Payment management software

It is essential to control all payments and other accounting services related to your hospitality business. 

A payment management system helps you generate invoices, automate billing, create tax reports, store payment information, calculate income as well as expenses, and so on. . 

And yes, the payment system relates not only to the travel industry, it is a must-have tool in any business. 

Alternatively, it can be integrated as an additional feature to your team management hospitality software. 

Mobile apps

Mobile app development is also necessary for many industries, and the travel vertical is no exception. 

Whether you own a restaurant, travel agency, airline, or hotel your software should be available both in web and mobile versions to provide a user-friendly approach. 

Your software must be mobile-friendly if you want to cover your target audience and ensure a smooth customer experience. 

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Outstanding technologies to use in your hospitality software

The Benefits of Custom Software Development for the Travel Industry

What makes a piece of travel software a leading tool? The first element is a solid partnership with a reliable software development company. 

The technology used during travel software development is crucial since it provides users with up-to-date functionality. 

Therefore, we want to list some of the latest technologies to enhance your software. 

For more information about this topic, you can read our detailed article about current trends in the hospitality industry — it will cover many more nuances. 

Augmented and virtual reality

Augmented reality technology adds digital elements through the screen in a real-time mode. 

In contrast, virtual reality makes it possible to have a simulated environment and interact with it using a VR device. 

Overall, the emergence of these two technologies helps hotels or restaurants provide an immersive experience and create virtual tours for their guests. 

Facial recognition

Even though this technology is at its early stage in the travel industry, it has considerable potential and can be used to improve the guest experience. 

Facial recognition enables faster check-in and check-out processes, provides a reliable payment system, and increases security. 

It will contribute to the self-service technologies used in the hospitality industry. 

Artificial intelligence

The use of AI technology is not something that may surprise you, but you should use it to automate specific processes in your business. 

For example, artificial intelligence enables the integration of contactless experience within the hospitality industry and the use of intelligent chatbots for communication with customers 24/7, reducing the staff workload. 

Also, AI technology is used to create a voice control system in hotel rooms to allow guests to interact with their rooms in a new way. 

Furthermore, AI is a superior technology in data analysis and predictive analytics to help your business remain competitive and follow up-to-date trends. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology is closely connected to AI technology since they function in conjunction. 

These in-room features, smart hotel maintenance, and smart solutions for logistics are the combination of a network built between devices where AI technology is applied. 

Keep in mind that when one device connects to another, they make the entire ecosystem that works for the benefit of your business. 

What custom software development includes at Go Wombat

The next step is to hire your software development team to create your custom solution for the travel and hospitality business. 

What will you get if you hire Go Wombat?

Your team

Our team consists of dozens of software engineers, business analytics QA engineers, UI/UX designers, and project managers, among other experts. 

The size of a project team depends on the project itself and how large it is. We build a team tailored to your requirements once we have a better understanding of your project. 

Go Wombat assembles a team based on each developer's skills and your project requirements to ensure a productive process from start to finish. 

Methodologies and processes

Our specialists gather the requirements, conduct business analysis, choose the development methodology, develop, create UI/UX design, test, fix bugs, and do maintenance (if necessary). 


Go Wombat uses a Python/Django stack for back-end development, JS and React for front-end development, and React Native for cross-platform mobile app development. 

Our company specialises in AI-based software creation, and our experts have significant knowledge of all recent technologies so that we can make an app of any complexity. 

We apply an individual approach to each project, considering all client requirements. 

As we value our reputation, we always strive for the best result and ensure that the client will be satisfied with that result. 
Do you need to cooperate with a trustworthy software development partner? Never fear we are here — contact Go Wombat!

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