The 5 Best Python Resources for Beginners to Advanced Programmers

Python is the perfect language for beginners because it is easy to learn and understand. The language is popular and world-class software companies such as Google, Netflix and Facebook use Python.

There are many courses for programmers but it is easy to get lost when researching on the Internet and end up with something outdated or of low quality. I had this problem when I started learning to code. Now, as the R&D Lead at Go Wombat, I will share some suggestions for programmers for learning Python and practising skills. Here are 5 resources to look at.

“I`m Just Starting” – Beginner Level


CS50 is a free online introductory course on computer science taught by Harvard University. It is a great option for starting your way into the world of programming with various languages: C, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The course also teaches computer science concepts including arrays and data structures. The latest version has introduced three new lectures: Security, Artificial Intelligence and Ethics.  I took the course after I had already started working as a developer. I needed to fill in some gaps in my theoretical knowledge. It worked out perfectly and I strongly recommend this course to everybody.

A Byte of Python by Swaroop

A Byte of Python is a free book. It is a great way to learn programming Python along with how to write code in the ‘Pythonic’ way. This book will give you a really good understanding of Python features. At Go Wombat this book is a must-read for every Junior Developer, so I read it during my onboarding period and it helped me to dive deeper into the language.

“I Know Something” – Intermediate Level


CheckiO is a collection of fun coding games for beginners and advanced programmers. Using Python you can improve coding skills and logic by solving engaging challenges and fun tasks. I used it just before I applied for a junior position at Go Wombat. I find a ‘gamified’ way of learning very useful and I strongly recommend this resource to every Python developer.

Learn X in Y Minutes

Learn X in Y Minutes is a great reference book and not just for Python. Initially, I was writing in C++ and it helped me a lot to convert my C++ knowledge into Python.

 “I Want More” – Advanced Level

Code Wars

Code Wars is a set of challenges to solve at different levels. It is a good way to sharpen your skills by working on complex tasks. It is completely community-driven and you can create challenges for others and find something interesting for yourself.

I use all these resources from time to time and recommend them to all developers.  Working with Python is easy and fascinating and I want everybody to enjoy programming as much as I do.