Why And How To Choose Dedicated Development Team

The Dedicated Team business Model (DTM) is attracting big interest in the outsourcing development world. It is a collaboration that enables the achievement of the clients’ requirements at a satisfactory cost and with a transparent approach to project development.

This model suits different types and sizes of businesses and start-ups. The contractor creates a dedicated code team, manages any  organisational issues and optimises the client`s processes. Dedicated teams allow clients to concentrate on the real work with the web development team instead of organisational problems.

DTM is built on direct communication and collaboration between the client or project manager (PM) and the team of specialists gathered individually for each project by the contractor. The dedicated team’s meaning lies in its full devotion to the project and client.

Dedicated Team Development vs Other Strategies

There are various solutions convenient for different clients and types of projects. Usually three models are compared and considered.

There is an appropriate solution for each client. The strategy of work on the project is developed individually at Go Wombat, each company selects a model of work that is convenient and meets needs and demands. The benefits of a dedicated team will be presented further.

Advantages and Issues of DTM

 Advantages.  DTM has five main advantages: 

  1. Project Focus. A dedicated team business model means that the staff is focused on a single project being able to adjust to different demands and requirements of the client. The contractor is able to work for the long term with the project and consider all the client’s requirements. A dedicated team is a living model that constantly adapts to client requirements and needs.
  2. Direct Outreach.  At Go Wombat we like DTM because it allows clients to have direct communication with developers. It helps build better relationships and understanding, increase involvement and get desired results faster.
  3. Staff Approval. In this type of cooperation, the client is also able to approve the team members. At the team creation stage, the client receives a list of candidates from the contractor’s HR, can conduct interviews with them and can approve the most suitable people for the team.
  4. Adaptable Structure. DTM is fully adaptable to client’s demand and has no structural limitations. The composition of such a team depends on the needs of the client at the moment and can be changed during the work on the project.
  5. Cultural Insight. This type of team can act as an expert in the culture of the target audience of the application. By creating a team in such an environment, the client will receive not only specialists to work on their idea, but also specialists who are directly familiar with the culture of the region where the project will exist.

Issues.  When considering a dedicated code team for the project, the client has to be aware of the specifics of this type of cooperation and possible issues:

  1. Short-term Projects. Projects that take two or three months to complete are not suitable for DTM and require a different team-building model.
  2. Extended Hiring Process. Hiring process depends on the talent pool and availability of professional developers. Creating a dedicated team of developers in the USA makes up to three months. That’s why now the market is set to work with the eastern European market with its large number of developers. At Go Wombat (Ukrainian IT consultant) it takes from two to 4 weeks to build a dedicated code team.
  3. Client Engagement Level. Although the contractor is responsible for hiring process, technical support and organisational issues, the client manages the team.
  4. Клиент платит за команду даже в случае простоя, поэтому должен следить за достаточным уровнем загрузки команды.

Structure of DTM

The composition of each team is determined by the client and can be changed at any time during the project, opening new positions as needed or excluding closing positions that have fulfilled their role. The project can be launched even with even just one developer and the team gradually expanded as required.

A dedicated team of developers can consist of various positions:

Choosing a Dedicated Team

The main points to consider when choosing a DTM contractor:

  1. Acquaintance. The client contacts us, describes the project, objectives and their preferred workflow. We agree on team size and structure and discuss the details of the project.
  2. Team Creation. Our HR selects the candidates, conducts interviews, checks soft and hard skills and level of English. A list of eligible candidates is sent to the client.
  3. Client Interview. The client has interviews with the selected candidates and picks the most suitable people for the project. The client approves candidates and they receive offers.
  4. Integration. Team members start their trial period. Each company has different trial terms and conditions.
  5. Development. The development team is modified throughout the project and developers are added or removed. The client controls the work and result. Go Wombat assigns dedicated specialists to each team. DTM is flexible to client requirements and builds a transparent workflow, connecting developers who are proactive to improve the project with the client.

For more than six years we at Go Wombat have been building solutions for clients and providing software outsourcing.

Go Wombat`s clients come from a variety of sectors including Marketing & Advertising, Hotel & Hospitality, Health Tech, and Logistics. We work with start-ups and businesses of all sizes in the  EU, UK, USA and Israel.

Contact us and create a dedicated team with Go Wombat.