Python - The Best Programming Language for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are linked to our immediate future. Artificial Intelligence has given applications the possibility to hear, see, and process requests. The majority of businesses use Python for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects. Python is one of the most flexible and steady programming languages with a broad set of tools. Go Wombat has a very high level of expertise in Python. We create the highest quality applications, helping our clients to achieve maximum profit.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Technology of the Future

AI and ML are very useful technologies that can process and analyse enormous amounts of data. They provide accurate predictions and ideas that improve business processes, increase efficiency and reduce expenditure. Many different industries use AI and ML in their processes.

Python – The Best Programming Language for AI and ML

Python is the best programming language for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-based projects because of these characteristics:

  • Python is Easy and Consistent

Python suggests brief and readable code. Even though AI and ML have complicated algorithms and various workflows, Python permits developers to create readable code and secure systems. Python code is comprehensible for people, that’s why it’s easier to build models for Machine Learning. Many developers remark that Python is quite intuitive and simple to learn.

  • Python is Flexible and Steady

Python can be used with other programming languages. There is no need to copy the source code. Developers can make any modifications immediately, which makes viewing outcomes more quickly. Very few bugs occur, thanks to Python’s flexibility.

  • Python has Access to Many Libraries and Frameworks

AI and ML algorithms can be complicated to implement and so consume development time. The well-structured environment of Python allows developers to make the best coding solutions. Python’s various technology stack has a vast set of libraries for AI and ML including:

  • Platform Independence

Python is capable of adjustments. You can use any operating system like Linux, Windows and macOS if you develop a Machine Learning project in Python. Transmission of parts of a project from one system to another can take just a few lines of code. This makes the process easy and comfortable and saves time and money when testing on various systems.

  • Broad Community of Developers

Python for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-based projects has a broad community of developers who can help with problems. Python documentation can be easily found online, and most issues are discussed in Python forums. Python is an open-source language so there is a great pool of tools and resources available to developers of different levels.

Python for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence examples

Many different industries use Python for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-based products and services. Well-known examples include:

  • Financial Technology

The application of AI in the financial area solves problems connected to risk management, automation, personalised banking and fraud prevention.   Affirm, Venmo and Robinhood are among the most successful online banking software companies built on Python. These companies allow users to make and manage different buys and fees. They also built a social network within their software for people to stay connected.

  • Transport

Uber built an ML platform on Python called Michelangelo PyML. It is a more flexible expansion Michelangelo. Users can confirm models with PyML and further copy them in Michelangelo to improve capacity and extendability.

  • Healthcare

The industry has numerous AI and ML projects that help predict and scan for illnesses and traumas. Fathom is a natural language processing system that is developed to examine and analyse electronic health documentation, with its main target to robotise medical encoding.

Go Wombat – Experts in AI and ML Projects

You need a high quality IT contractor with appropriate experience for AI and ML projects. Go Wombat is your perfect choice with its

great pool of backend and frontend developers – CV and NLP specialists who are able to implement projects of different complexity.

  • We implemented a Computer Vision project on pattern recognition in a factory to increase accuracy. The resources used by the workers in the factory were counted and monitored with the help of AI.
  • We created an NLP project with a core written in Python and the frontend in JavaScript. It was a news flashcard application for investors. Four of our CV and NLP specialists were involved in the project for about a year.  We used different libraries and frameworks including the TensorFlow library and Keras framework.
  • To improve office life, our talented Data Science engineers even had an in-house project to simplify access at our office entrance in the office. They created a camera-based facial recognition system which identifies employees’ faces and open the office door.

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