SaaS - The Benefits for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

How long does it take for you to share a document or information within one department without digital tools? Many office systems are still working on outdated processes of paper trails and post-it notes. Digital instruments, and SaaS solutions, in general, reduce this time to a matter of seconds.

According to research, SaaS is thought to be the most important tech accountable for business success. The SaaS industry has increased in size by around 500% over the past seven years and will continue this expansion. This form of advantage is there for the taking.

This article will look at the benefits of SaaS solutions for SMEs.

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Of the three services listed here, SaaS is the more comprehensive as it offers a wider array of options. Discover why by reading further.

We have three main categories of cloud computing services. These are; IaaS (infrastructure as a service), PaaS (platform as a service), and the subject of our article, SaaS (software as a service). The difference between these three types is that SaaS takes care of all problems users can face, unlike PaaS and IaaS. For example, with IaaS, the user still has to manage the operating system, application, and data, while SaaS takes care of these things, too.

SaaS is one of the ways to deliver web applications via the Internet to the final user. SaaS is also called on-demand software or hosted software. For customers, SaaS features give easy access to the software without installing it on every individual computer in the company. Moreover, all SaaS apps run on provider-controlled servers, so users don't have to manage security, availability, and software performance.

What Are the Advantages Of the SaaS Model?

SaaS is a budget-friendly and adaptasble service, offering the possiblity of expansion and worldwide access. It is also easily integrated with other services.

Money saving

SaaS is a budget-friendly solution, especially for small and medium businesses. First, you don't have to buy expensive hardware to implement SaaS tools. Most probably, you already have all the needed equipment in the office. Second, SaaS doesn't require increases in the IT department. It's possible because most SaaS products are designed to be easy to use by non-technical specialists, such as HRs, writers, or accountants. Moreover, SaaS cut the price of opening new branches.

Constant upgrades

The progress never stops. All the things we usually use in our work life are constantly developing. For example, Windows upgrades every six months and Google makes about 350 changes in their services per year. Most likely, those changes impact your business and can make you revise your SEO strategy, metric analytics, or even increase the advertising budget.

That's why staying in touch with the digital news in your business niche is essential. Thankfully, the SaaS model tools constantly do it for you and release new upgrades after every game-changing platform upgrade.

Quick benefits

The fact is that you or your team can use SaaS tools almost immediately after the subscription and installation of hardware. You get what you paid for and make use of it right after receiving the access. The only thing that may take time is understanding how the instrument works. Another benefit is that with provided tools, you are always up to date with the versions of software provided.

Easy integration

The key to effective work is cooperation and communication between participants. Luckily, SaaS tools have the option for integration. It's possible to collect the set of must-have instruments for every need and create an ecosystem among them. For example, CRM tools are able to access task-tracking software or other helpful tools with unique options in the cloud.

How SaaS Benefits SMEs

Being a multi-platform and multi-device service, SaaS provides an environment suited for any business. Small and mediun-sized business can benefit from this services specifically as it offers a gateway into the digital side of modern business.

SaaS are multi-platform and Multi-device

All you need is stable Internet access using a simple internet connection. It's a cost-effective, time-reducing, and easy-to-use option for small and medium businesses. So, the company's SaaS tool will be available 24 - 7.

Availability from anywhere

There is another advantage of SaaS that goes almost hand-in-hand with the previous. The SaaS model services help a company set up a team with workers from different time zones. Here's how. A corporate subscription allows all the added employees to work with this tool from any device. So, your teammates would have constant access to the application from any place on the planet. More importantly, the app's data would be synchronised, so anybody with permission could access any information they need for work.

Flexible and user-based pricing.

Most SaaS tools form their pricing policy depending on the number of future users within your company. Plus, the pricing system is also subscription-based, so you can test the adjustability of the software for a couple of months and decide whether you need it. Such a system helps you cut expenses where possible.

Meeting customers' needs and expectations

It's not a secret that the expected modern quality of products and services is high. Luckily, it's still reachable and affordable for small and medium business owners. Implementing SaaS cloud-based solutions into your business model is one of the cheapest and most profitable ways to provide clients with the expected service.

Similar conditions for small and large businesses

SaaS solutions became a cheaper and more effective alternative to old-fashioned software and non-digital manual solutions. However, accounting, client searching, and company management needed huge budgets and a large state of employees. It was hardly affordable for small businesses and self-employed specialists. Their possibilities to grow and earn income were a few times smaller than big companies had.

Time flows, so SMBs and even startups can buy a monthly subscription for the cloud-based solution to replace the old department.

To find out how SaaS can benefit your business, specifically, contact Go Wombat for a chat.

How does your industry benefit from SaaS solutions?

SaaS is suitable for many industries which can benefit from the versaility of possible services.

Travel and Hospitality

Cloud-based software can be a part of fundamental quality changes in the travel and hospitality industry. For example, your business could get a digital solution for passenger management, online reservation software, apps for car-sharing, short-term rentals, safety monitoring, and even over-speeding notifications. Plus, you can get a brand-new website with SaaS-based builders.

Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industry is one of the business niches that can benefit from implementing SaaS systems. Besides new marketing and communication solutions and fixing the gap between office and oilfield, SaaS apps open vast possibilities for time and money saving. It became possible with platforms that collect and analyse data on oil-well and oil-pad and look for the best solutions in any situation. SaaS also drastically reduces time spent on manual routine inspections.

Marketing and Advertising

Most likely, if you have a marketing and advertising business, you already have an idea of all the real possibilities SaaS solutions give including AdTech and utilising Big Data. Small businesses can profit by simply looking for new cloud-based software and implementing it. Besides, a lot of SaaS solutions offer unique services and possibilities. Go Wombat can consult you about features of SaaS software we can develop and provide to our clients.

Manufacturing and Logistic

Depending on the type of logistic route, SaaS solutions can automate much work. Numerous tasks can be automated with SaaS applications. For example, the logistics and manufacturing business obtain simple and digital instruments for calculating shipment arrival time, shipping rate calculating, real-time transportation tracking, and order visibility. Besides these pros, small and medium businesses can save money by using cloud-based SaaS solutions to set up communication, run social media, start marketing improvements, or pay bills.

Healthcare and Wellness

SaaS software provides not only hospital management solutions but also digital products to sell. For example, clinics or self-employed doctors can create and gain profit from heath-improving platforms and ads. Also, SaaS cloud-based solutions are a good choice for online consulting, patient base management, creating platforms for maintaining mental and physical health, online studying virtual classes for medical workers, data analysis, and tracking employees' health.


Whatever your business, you know how important it is to look constantly for improvements and stay competitive in the market. Properly developed digitalisation can make your business more stress-resistant. SaaS applications will be a good choice for both small and medium enterprises. If you allow your business to take advantage of SaaS tools, you could reduce the cost of running your business and simplify the processes within the company.

As time passes, worldwide business owners will benefit from SaaS solutions usage. This trend won't slow down and has already become a new reality. In the future, more businesses will come to realise the benefits of SaaS and implement at least one SaaS solution.

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