10 Key Software Development Trends In 2022

The evolution of software development approaches is a continuous process. Startup founders and business owners need to be well-informed about new technologies and techniques to build new software or upgrade an existing one. One such development is the GitOps and DevOps methodologies. These are becomimg extremely popular within the software development industry, but they deserve an honourable mention for this particular list. Therefore, we want to show which of the latest software development trends will rule in 2022 and how custom software development may help your business. 

Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Software Development

A look at some of the issues connected with needing custom software.

There are many cases when your custom software may be much more beneficial than an off-the-shelf solution. 

Unique and custom functionality

Custom software offers specific features which help customers perform their tasks efficiently and achieve the set goal faster. Custom software development adapts itself to the market and target audience, which leads the business growth. 

Advanced technology

Off-the-shelf solutions have limited functionality, and the technologies used there may be outdated or useless for your business. We can build a custom solution using advanced technology. Advanced technologies span the entire software development industry including artificial intelligence such as deep learning and machine learning.

High security

Data privacy and software security are crucial, mainly when including confidential users’ data like passwords and payment details. We can protect custom software with all relevant software protection techniques, while ready-made software might have much higher security risks. 


Although off-the-shelf software contributes to the automation processes, some functions may not suit your business, so you won’t gain all the benefits from it. Custom software will be created specifically for your business, and it will meet the particular requirements of your business. So it will add more value to process automation. 


Hiring a custom software development company like Go Wombat ensures that we will create your software with scalability in mind. Once your software needs new features, it can be scaled up quickly and upgraded considering current market demands. 

Competitive edge

Custom software development contributes to brand identity improvement, and you can build the software that targets the right audience with its customised features and unique approach. 


It is not a mistake. Ready-made solutions can become more expensive in the long run and so you will realise the necessity to build custom software anyway. You will need to invest more in custom software development, but you will gain more value and opportunities for your business. 

Custom software development can be entrusted to Go Wombat — we know how to do it right. Contact us! 

A look at the Software Development Trends 2022. Some aspects of technology and industry in need of custom software.

We will review ten current trends in software development that will prevail in 2022. 


The first and the prevalent trend is the automation of most business processes. Because of the pandemic restrictions, many businesses try to automate daily tasks and reduce the necessity of personal communication. Therefore, the development of software that helps companies reduce dependence on human labour is prevalent. 

According to the World Economic Forum report, over 80% of business leaders note they are speeding up work process automation and expanding their use for remote work. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has remained a software development trend for a few recent years, and we assert it will be trendy in the future. Small and large companies want to benefit from this technology since we use AI in automation processes, information processing, analysing, decision making, and facial recognition. AI helps speed up the implementation of multiple tasks. 

At Go Wombat, we use Python as the core language for the development of complex web applications which use AI-based algorithms. Our experts have vast experience in building software which includes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, in particular. So AI is one of the software development outsourcing trends you can pay attention to. 

Big Data

Big Data is a set of tools and techniques used to work with vast arrays of information. There are petabytes of information processing daily, and Big Data is required. If you want your business to keep up with the times, you need to analyse each customer’s demands to meet their expectations. 

Therefore, you will need to use specific tools for working with Big Data, and software development companies will help you create suitable software with the right business approach in mind. 

The Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT is the technology that creates the network between several devices, which exchange data and function autonomously to deliver valuable services to humans. We use IoT both for internal (smart home, smart car) and for industrial ones (in manufacturing or financial industries). The Internet of Things is the most beneficial when it uses AI and Big Data, so all these trends are compatible and can be combined. Therefore, the development of IoT applications can be significantly helpful for large enterprises. 

The Internet Of Behaviour (IoB)

This trend is the extension of the Internet of Things. It is included in the list of new trends in software development. IoT gathers data from devices, while IoB tracks and analyses users’ behaviour as they interact with software and hardware. According to Gartner's prediction, individual activities will be tracked digitally to influence benefit and service eligibility for 40% of people worldwide. 

This data is extremely useful for understanding user experience and making it better and personalised. For example, we can use IoB in streaming services to offer users suitable content based on their reactions. Businesses also need IoB to build closer relationships with customers and provide them with top-quality services. 

Cloud-Based Software

Also, when we speak about current trends in the software development industry, we cannot neglect cloud computing. Cloud-based software development has become more accessible since many businesses switch to the cloud, replacing traditional on-premise solutions. An on-premise solution means the software that works with the on-site infrastructure only, so it has many restrictions in our time. Even governmental organisations have moved their software to the cloud. Cloud solutions provide more security, flexibility, and scalability. That is why cloud-based software is a big trend. 

Do you need cloud-based software? Then, contact Go Wombat to create the one for your business. 

Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed Reality is a fusion of reality and virtual environment, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). It implies an immersive environment that involves real-time interactive physical or digital objects. MR uses are really broad: staff training, quality control process in the manufacturing industry, minimisation of skilled labour shortage, and it also works well as a communicating and collaborating tool. 

The development of MR software takes the business to a new level, so business owners aim to use Mixed Reality as an excellent way to promote their business. As Mobile Marketer notes, companies who get involved with MR now could have an opportunity to get ahead of the competition. So top trends in software development include Mixed Reality. 


According to the PurpleSec report, the number of cybercrimes increased 600% due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-21. It means that neglecting cybersecurity is a reckless and presumptuous approach. It is not enough to merely instal anti-malware software or firewall programs. 

Cyber attackers have also become more cunning, and they operate with smart malware tools to attack websites and mobile apps. Therefore, you need to include an additional cybersecurity mesh into your software. At Go Wombat, we have a certified Chief Security Officer engaged in making developed software more secure and protecting it from any malicious threats.


Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that started its path with Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Today it is used actively in the financial, media, real estate, and healthcare sectors. Increased trust, improved security and privacy, individual control of data, transparency, tokenization, decentralised environment — are several benefits of blockchain.  

Blockchain is one of the latest trends in software development, and custom software development companies are continuously improving their skills to apply blockchain technology in new software. It concerns especially cloud-based solutions where blockchain can be used with maximum efficiency. 

For example, if you have a business that requires signing contracts with third parties, blockchain will be beneficial since it uses smart contracts. These contracts monitor the fulfilment of obligations by each party and ensure that all actions are transparent.  

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWA is considered to be one of the hottest web development trends. Progressive Web App is a website that looks like a native mobile app. Users can add a PWA to the home screen of smartphones, and it can send notifications, use the hardware capabilities, and function offline. 

That is why its popularity is growing. Many well-known brands increased conversions due to PWA. For example, Forbes increased users’ sessions by 43%, the visibility of ads improved by 20%, and the overall engagement rates enhanced by 100%. 

The development of Progressive Web Apps is a more cost-efficient and easy-to-maintain solution, so many companies replace their traditional apps with PWAs. 

There is another trend that we didn’t include in the preliminary list. It is called software development outsourcing. This trend has prevailed before and will undoubtedly keep succeeding in the following years. 

As many companies aim to organise remote work and social distancing, outsourcing of many processes to third parties becomes more accessible. You can read our article about the benefits and risks of outsourcing, where we explain all the advantages of working with outsourcing software development companies and why it is a more profitable option. If you want to make software using one or a few trends mentioned above, you can outsource the development to Go Wombat and we will build everything according to your requirements. 

Go Wombat is an IT consultancy and outsourcing company which creates web-based solutions in various fields. We work predominantly with European regions. However, we have clients from the US and Australia as well.  

If you have a project idea to implement, contact Go Wombat — we will turn your vision into reality!

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