How To Improve Employees' Morale With Workflow Automation

Which methods and tools are best for ensuring the Morale of an employee is maintained, and how important is employee morale?

Recently, we published an article about the Secrets of HR Automation, providing a detailed look at the various processes involved. This time around we are looking at how workflow automation can help improve employees’ morale, improve motivation, and raise the sense of efficacy. 

System automation streamlines multiple functions and can help significantly improve overall efficiency. However, here we want to focus more on employees’ morale since employees build the foundation of every company — the higher their productivity is, the more efficient your business processes are. 

Employees should be satisfied with their work environment in many aspects. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on everything. So we are going to show how automation can boost employees’ morale, and why you need to measure it. In addition, we will show how Go Wombat worked on a project dedicated to improving staff satisfaction. 

Why You CAN NOT Ignore Automation?

For a start, we think it is necessary to show how a lack of automation may damage your business. That is why we will list a few examples of non-competent approaches and how manual tasks slow down the whole process. 

The tools and methods used for ensuring the morale of an employee are maintained should not be ignored or misused. Discover which to use and when to use them.

Submission of business trip expenses. Imagine a normal process of submitting the request for trip expenses return. When this process is not automated, employees need to use Excel or Google Docs spreadsheet and enter up-to-date information about expenses, their contact information, names, positions, etc. Then they send it and wait for an uncertain period until their request is approved and costs are compensated. If this process is automated, there is a relevant form where employees can enter the amount only, and other personal data will already be available. As a result, they will have greater confidence in the system and not be afraid to spend their money, and these expenses will be compensated quickly. 

Information exchange. When employees don’t have ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or HRMS (Human Resource Management System), there is nothing they can do but use messengers to communicate with colleagues to receive the required information, arrange meetings, schedule a call, etc. Relevant systems speed up and simplify these processes, enable multitasking, automate tasks, and positively affect the morale of employees. Go Wombat has vast expertise in HR and resource planning software development. To discover more, you can read our article about the ERP benefits and get acquainted with our case study. 


We have already mentioned how automation is essential for the on-boarding process in the previous article. However, we need to explain that the lack of automation not only slows down the on-boarding process but also makes employees frustrated. At the same time, he or she wastes time waiting for a working device, workspace, working plan, etc. 

This is a concise list of examples — we can go on for longer. However, our primary goal is to show you the results of automation neglect and how employees’ morale will be affected. When employees don’t see assistance from the management, they won’t be motivated enough to work productively. 

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Dissatisfaction With Their Work

Employees are proud of their skills and their experience. However, this doesn’t mean they want to do a lot of manual and routine tasks, especially when their qualification level is relatively high and employees can fulfill complex tasks. So when they are stuck with multiple tedious tasks, they become doubtful about the company and whether they are doing what they should be according to their initial responsibilities. 

An employee starts thinking about leaving the company, and their morale lowers. They have less time to focus on their direct tasks and don’t understand why they were hired. In addition, they don’t see output from their work. 

If you value your employees, you should help them automate some processes and use relevant systems in your business. 

How Automation Contributes To Quality

Most employees strive to do a good job, and they need to see a result that brings profit. However, when they don’t see an impact on the quality, their morale suffers. Therefore, your main task is to build a culture of continuous improvement and make your employees feel motivated to do their best. 

Automation is your assistant. Integrated automation processes reduce training time, let employees onboard and do their job faster, reduce errors, and bypass manual tasks that become automated. Employees clearly see the company's goals and can focus on their position-related tasks to move forward. When the working process is automated as much as possible, people feel their value, and their skill is utilised correctly. Their morale grows and turns into a solid foundation.

Furthermore, the integration of automation will help you identify the pain points of your business, correctly assign tasks, and let everyone do what they are supposed to per their responsibilities. 

Why Measure Morale?

There is a good saying: what gets measured gets managed. We may assert that every dedicated business owner creates a list of tasks that must be monitored and measured to see the eventual result and the same concerns employees. You need to measure their morale to maximise their productivity and ensure they work in a comfortable environment. 

It is seen as important to measure employees' morale to maximise their productivity and ensure they work in a comfortable environment.

Apart from this, remember that you must do it genuinely. Thus, when you strive to know everything about your employees’ concerns, listen to their feedback, and then do nothing — it won’t work. It will harm your business. Dissatisfaction and disengagement will rise, and the lack of your response will have the opposite effect on morale. 

Ask For Feedback

What is the best way to figure out how to boost employee morale? Again, everything is quite simple — ask them directly. Your task is to create a survey and add questions you need to know. Once you receive all answers, you need to process them and take action on improvement. 

As we mentioned above, it is not enough to listen to employees — you need to make changes in your organisation so that employees will see that they are heard and valued. This delivers a solid boost to morale and affects employees’ performance. For example, the Salesforce report notes that employees that are being listened to can be 4 - 6 times more productive than employees whose concerns are ignored. 

So this is what we have been leading to — the project Go Wombat is working on right now. 

The Cultural Calculator Project: Go Wombat’s Expertise In The HR Sector

Go Wombat is creating another exciting project that was ordered for the specific purposes we mentioned — to gather employees' opinions.

The Project’s Goal

The project is aimed at HR processes and is a web-based service that enables the creation of surveys. It is possible to select the recipient and send the survey. This service allows companies to build surveys for employees to recognise their preferences, concerns, what they are (dis)satisfied with, etc. So this is an automated system with a dashboard for statistics gathering. 

Based on the received results, the system creates charts and diagrams, and you can assess all indicators in a convenient form. Furthermore, the Cultural Calculator includes a feature to develop multi-tests for the long term — employers can build a campaign that provides for various tests which must be done within the set deadline (for example, when employees need to do tests every week or month). 

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A Challenge To Deal With

Although the project is not very difficult, and our development team is highly skilled, they faced one challenge in building a complicated calculation for chart development. Developers had to elaborate on how to do it efficiently using minimum queries to the database and minimum actions in Python. 

However, challenges can be helpful — they make our developers stronger and prepared for any complexities. 

Tech Stack

This project applies Python as the primary programming language for back-end development and the Django framework for server creation using Python. The front end is built using standard JavaScript language. 

We use Google Forms API for making tables where answers are recorded. Also, we use the NumPy library to calculate trends in charts. By the way, the challenge described above was solved using NumPy — developers found the solution to get the required calculations in the data extraction stage from the database. 

Of course, AWS services like S2 and EC2. S3 is used as hosting for the front end, while EC2 is for the back end. 

To Be Continued

Our development team has almost created a custom system of statistics calculation and dashboard formation for different purposes. The system collects all data in a separate report that can be shared with users, and report downloading is also possible. 

The system's end goal is to assess how employees are satisfied with different situations and how specific activities impact the internal atmosphere of the company.

3 Steps To Prepare Your Company For Automation  

Finally, there are many ways to prepare your company for automation to ensure that this process will be smooth and painless for staff. However, we don’t want to overload you with tons of information, so we will list three steps. 

Having a process to follow is an important part of ensuring the morale of your employees is maintained.

Reveal The Benefits Of Automation To Employees

The unknown can always be frightening. In addition, your staff may have doubts concerning the advantages of automation if they are not acquainted with its potential use cases. That is why it is essential to organise discussions and meetings with employees (or arrange a meeting with heads of departments so that they can share the information in their departments), as it will help build a better understanding and increase user acceptance. 

Collect Ideas Of Employees

Every employee should understand their tasks better than anyone else. So explain to heads of departments that all automation ideas from employees are encouraged. Let employees show what monotonous and repetitive tasks they have and what they want to change. Furthermore, introduce a bonus or reward for an interesting suggestion on the automation process. It will motivate staff to generate productive ideas. 

Be Patient

The third step, which is also critical — any innovative process in the company won’t be met by the entire staff with optimism and joy. It is entirely normal, but this stage may harm morale. Some people will try to struggle and resist, so you and the management team should have a strategy to deal with people's skepticism and motivate them to move forward. That is where you must gain and develop one of the most valuable soft skills — the ability to listen. 

This article has become an enlightening experience for us — we have delved into the psychology of communication between employees and employers. However, as you can see, even here, software automation can help build better relationships with staff. Automation changes many things. Your employees have high morale, and you have stable business processes. 

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