PHP vs Python

PHP Vs. Python: Which One Suits Your Project Development Best? 

The software development market offers dozens of different languages and frameworks to choose from.  If you narrow down the choice, you may fend up with two competitors – PHP and Python. These are scripting languages which are accessible for backend development and have a few similar features.

We will compare PHP and Python, their features and functions, and look at what tools for software development are available.

What is PHP?

Its most recent version shows a higher performance than most scripting languages. Websites built with PHP load faster. An integrated module allows for easy connection to databases which speeds up development.

What Is Python?

It can be used for projects in many different sectors, making it popular with a huge number of developers. Also, Python makes it possible to perform asynchronous development more efficiently. By default, programming is always implemented synchronously, the code runs synchronously. Asynchronous programming implies parallel programming when tasks run randomly. And the Python language contributes to more efficient asynchronous programming.

Go Wombat uses Python for developing all types of software. We have worked with many projects and startups where we applied data analysis and machine learning.

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Similar Features

  • Open-source. Python and PHP and are open-source and free to use; anyone can start using them for web development.
  • Flexible. Software created with PHP or Python may run efficiently on any modern operating system like Windows, Linux, or macOS.
  • Community Supported. Large communities of PHP and Python languages help developers create web-based applications and share helpful information.
  • Third-party Tools. Both languages have large related libraries and frameworks to speed up the development process.
  • Error Reporting. All languages have error reporting systems that notify developers about any errors in functionality. PHP and Python are not exceptions. However, Python has more clear error reporting system.

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More detailed comparison of Python vs PHP


The TIOBE index is a trustworthy community measurement of the popularity of programming languages. In October 2021, Python was rated 1st and PHP 9th.

Speed Of Development

Developers want to build software faster without sacrificing quality. and Python makes that possible with its ‘reuse’ feature. Developers can write fewer lines of code so the development process is faster.  PHP has no similar feature. The reuse feature allows developers to use the same line of code during software development to speed up the development. Also, in open-source projects, the reuse feature is applied frequently.


There is a long story of competition in the performance of web apps created with Python or PHP. Earlier versions of PHP were relatively slow and the execution of codes took much longer compared to Python’s code. But the situation changed when PHP 7.x was released with this new version showing significant performance improvements. PHP beats Python in code size and CPU load.


Both are object-oriented but Python is more convenient in both learning and usage.

PHP main application is the development of dynamic websites and web apps; however, its rigid syntax makes the development of other types of web apps more complicated.

By contrast, Python has high readability and is easy to learn. The debugging process is more straightforward since Python code can be read and interpreted easily.

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Both these scripting languages suit web app development impeccably, and they include a large number of frameworks and libraries.  For instance, frameworks like Symfony and Laravel are known as efficient tools for web application development, and many PHP developers frequently use them.

Python-based frameworks include two accessible tools: Django and FastAPI. They make the software more scalable and secure. We focus most on the Django framework at Go Wombat – it provides decoupled and independent components for building complex apps. Robust third-party services contribute to scalability and add more capabilities. For creating AI-powered apps, the Python-based libraries include TensorFlow, Keras (an interface for TensorFlow) and Scikit-learn.


PHP is used to create a single-page website, online shops, and work with databases. This language can be used for heavy-load websites (Facebook and WordPress use modified PHP). At the same time, the number of app types is limited, and PHP won’t be an excellent choice for most websites.

By contrast, Python is universal, flexible and multipurpose. It is used for very different tasks like data analysis and visualisation, testing of services, system administration, web and mobile app development, game development, process automation and desktop apps development.


Security is a critical part of any app development, especially for financial apps where confidential user data must be protected, and programming languages must provide security features to protect software.

PHP has integrated security features, but according to Veracode’s report, around 86% of apps created in PHP have at least one XSS vulnerability.

Python is more secure with a vast array of security features for complex applications. The Django framework has additional security features to protect software. So Python will be a better option for all apps that require several layers of protection.

At Go Wombat we pay careful attention to software security, data protection and GDPR compliance. We have a certified specialist Chief Security Officer (CSO) who is engaged in security algorithms integration and IT audit.


Software cannot meet user requirements until all bugs are fixed. First impressions are crucial in the customer experience. Both PHP and Python developers use relevant tools for debugging, but PHP debugging tool is somewhat intricate and developers need more time with it. While a debugging tool for Python is user-friendly, and even beginners can start using it effortlessly.

Community Support

Since both languages have stood the test of time, they have large communities where less experienced developers can always receive support from experienced colleagues. Both of them provide a high level of assistance and support.

So Which Is Better?

Although both languages have a similar nature (scripting languages), they have different features and tools.

Python is more secure, versatile and scalable. At Go Wombat, we use the Python/Django stack because of the great capabilities which allow us to build the most appropriate software.

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