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SCADA system

The Oil Well SCADA System is a сomplex system that provides information for engineers about integrated electric submersible and surface pumping systems to enhance daily well production and total reservoir recovery.

The Oil Well SCADA System provides a wide range of products and services to meet your ESP and HPS needs, including application engineering and equipment design, reliable engineering, equipment service and installation, equipment testing and repair, well testing, mobile test trailers, and cable spooling and repair.


The SCADA system consists of these main components:

  • 1) Wells – visualizing data received from sensors
  • 2) Tickets/Jobs – List of service tasks need to be completed for wells
  • 3) Lookups/Reports – this part for managing companies and wells in the system. Also, there is a dashboard where managers create reports for clients.
  • 4) Inbound Board – a list of well parts flow, with part s/n, description, test status, price, disposition

Wells - this is the part of the system where all data become structured and stores and graphs are displayed with selected data for each oil rig. All data in the system gets received from different manufacturers and type of sensors such as InSpatial, SCADA, Well Optix, InSpatial HB, Oasis and converted to the same format.

Retrieving data from well: There are different sensors connected to DIY Board at the factory. With RaspberryPI on board, the tracks go to fields. DIY Board connects to the monitoring blocks via WiFi and reads the data. When back to the base, DIY Board connects to the internet and uploads the data to our server.

All wells in SCADA can be grouped and filtered by selected parameters. Engineers can review detailed information about each well. The navigation block helps determine which rigs are located in the same oil or gas area. The administrator can specify which parameters to display on the chart.

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